The average car is used less than an hour a day

The average car is used less than an hour a day

So why pay for a car when you are not using it? Just use our cars and vans instead and you get a choice of sizes and types so you always have the right vehicles for the journey.

  • Pay a one-off fee to join the club, and a £5 monthly minimum spend.

  • Hire cars by the hour in 15 minute increments, plus a small mileage fee.

  • Choose discounted day and overnight rates for longer hires.

  • No need to pay for petrol - a fuel card is in every car.

  • Insurance and breakdown cover is included.

Prices from just

£4.75 per hour

Pay by the hour

£33.25 per day

Or by the day

£0.18 per mile

Plus mileage - electrics are FREE

Only pay for a car when you need it

¹ Overnight - 8pm to 8am ² Per Day - Any continuous 24 hour period.*Charging electric cars: Co Wheels electric cars have a dedicated charge post within their bay. Other free posts are available across the country. Any charging undertaken at Ecotricity Electric Highway rapid chargers or other pay-to-use charge points is not covered by Co Wheels. Please plan your journey accordingly.

Cheaper than owning a car

We take on all the worry and all the bills - you just need to book it and drive. No more hassle buying and selling a car, garage bills, insurance, MOTs, tyre bills, car washes - everything is included in the price.
Group 2 green credentials Included Co Wheels Car ownership Cost of new car Insurance Fuel Breakdown Cover Parking space Depreciation Servicing Repairs Road Tax Cleaning Tyres & Spares MOT Tests

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