A range of cars to suit your needs for every journey

Co Wheels is the UK’s largest car club and provides a range of fuel-efficient, low emission vehicles available to hire on demand – wherever and whenever you need one. With one of the greenest car share fleets in the UK, more than a third of our fleet is electric and many of the rest are petrol electric hybrids. Vehicles are available in a range of sizes in over 60 locations across the UK.

"I have been a member of Co Wheels for over 3 years and would recommend joining to anyone. The cars are excellent and their customer service is second to none." Mr Povey, March 2021 (Trustpilot)

Micro Cars

A range of petrol, diesel, hybrid, cars, all of which are automatic. Perfect car for cityhopping, shopping trips, or work well for couples or small families with light luggage for short trips away

Midi Cars

A range of petrol, diesel, hybrid, cars, all of which are automatic. Perfect car for visitors and couples who need a car for transport around town or to go on a day trip or for trips around town

Maxi Cars

A range of petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars, all of which are automatic. Ideal for shopping trips, transporting luggage when travelling to and from airports, or for organising longer day trips

"I love using Co Wheels. When I need a car I just book it on my mobile app. There are 2 cars reasonably close to my home so if one is busy the other is usually free. I got rid of my car almost 3 years ago now and have saved a fortune!" Ali Skuse, March 2021 (Trustpilot)


7 seater cars

A larger vehicle that is ideal for shopping trips to DIY stores or for transporting large items if you're moving house. These vehicles are also perfect for a family day trip out


Our vans are ideal for small business or personal use and perfect for single one off use such as moving house, trips to DIY stores, or for transporting large equipment

Electric Cars

Electric vehicles represent the best environmental choice for new cars. Perfect for urban driving and short trips

Hydrogen Cars

If you are in Aberdeen, we currently have Toyota Mirai models (winner of the World Car Awards’ green car of the year award) available now for members to hire through our app or our online booking system. The Mirai uses hydrogen fuel cell technology to enable long-distance emission free motoring – with a range of about 300 miles.

Detailed Guides

For full details on how to drive and re-fuel every vehicle on our fleet - including electric and hydrogen cars - look at the vehicle guides in our member help centre which also includes downloadable help sheets.

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Lifetime membership fee of £25. Minimum spend of £5 per month. (Hiring once per month covers this!)
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