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What are pay as you go cars?

February 17th, 2021

Hands up who could live without a car?

Doing the school run, a quick trip to the shops, the long commute to work and a short journey to the park with the family. Could you imagine doing this without a car?

There was a time when car ownership was for the super-rich of this world but thanks to the rise of the affordable car, 83% of families now own at least 2 cars. When you consider that it costs on average £3,400 a year to run a car, without factoring in the cost of buying the car, then you would expect that people will be using their cars an awful lot to get value for money.

Wrong. Most cars spend around 23 hours per day in a garage, on a driveway or in a car park at work. Which begs the question, why do people still feel the need to own a car?

Public transport is readily available in towns and cities across the country, so whilst it can be good to use in parallel, it doesn’t offer the convenience and accessibility to replace a car. It’s also not 100% reliable.

So, what is the alternative?

Well… a car.

Remember your old phone contract when you would only pay for a text or a call when you made one? Well, you can now do that with cars. If you only use your car for 1 hour per day, then you only pay for that hour. Car insurance, tax, petrol, not anymore, that’s included in the fee.

Wait, so how does that work out, surely, it’s too good to be true?

Pay as you go cars are a shared ownership model where you pay a membership fee to share vehicles all around the country with other members. So, you’re not just stuck with one car in one location. If you get a pay as you go membership with Co-wheels you have access to over 500 vehicles across the country.

When you need a car all you do is head to our app, book you closest available car, jump in and drive. It is really that simple.

PAYG cars are becoming a cost-effective and realistic alternative to car ownership and if you’ve not already thought about it then you really should.


To find your closest PAYG car, visit https://www.co-wheels.org.uk/locations

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