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Co-wheels vehicles cleaned with long lasting virus killer

June 24th, 2020

Co-wheels vehicles are now being cleaned with a long lasting disinfectant which keeps on killing germs on contact for an extended period.

Once applied to key surfaces in our cars and vans the product forms a protective coating which continues to kill any new viruses or bacteria which land on them.

Our team of cleaners is now using Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser invented by New Zealand based Zoono on all Co-wheels car club vehicles.

Now all of our vehicles are back in regular use as Governments have eased restrictions, we will continue to clean all touch surfaces in our vehicles every month. Zoono Microbe Shield is alcohol free, non-toxic and also cruelty free as it is not tested on animals.

Co-wheels Managing Director Richard Falconer said: “This enhanced disinfectant will give greater confidence to our members who use the service as lockdown measures start to ease.

“The new cleaning fluid is more effective because it lasts for an extended red period, reducing the risk of viruses such as coronavirus spreading.”

Zoono have tested their products in more than 100 lab tests around the world. It is widely used in hospitals, nurseries and has been approved for use in food preparation areas.

It kills not just Corona viruses like the ones which cause Covid-19 but other viruses, bacteria and fungi. It works by bonding to any surface it is applied to and forms a barrier of electrically charged microscopic pins which attract germs and burst them on contact.

Even though all our vehicles are available to book without restriction, please ensure your journey is in line with current regulations in your country. Please continue to take sensible precautions in terms of hand washing or using antiseptic gel and only share your vehicle with someone you are permitted to be with.

If you have further queries about Zoono Microbe Shield check out the FAQs on their website here https://zoono.co.uk/pages/faqs

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